Introducing our boarding services primary pet caregiver – TC Holman

(A quote from a local pet owner)

“If I had to pick anyone to care for my animal while I was out of town – it would be TC!”

A native of Page, AZ, while still in High School, TC began working for Page Animal Hospital as a kennel attendant in the hospital, and in the pet boarding facility. That was more than 16 years ago! Always eager to learn and grow, driven by her passion for animals, TC has seized upon every opportunity for hands-on training, eventually working her way up to become a very capable, much relied upon and much-loved veterinary technician.

In addition to her 16 years of practical training in a veterinary hospital, TC offers so much more when your pets board with us. She is one of the most attentive, caring and affectionate animal caregivers you could hope to meet. She effortlessly adapts from interacting with young vibrant pets to offering her gracious and loving support as a hospice caregiver – and everything in between. TC consistently goes above and beyond with each client and individual animal to ensure the best care possible. She is a skilled observer of animals, knowing what to watch for as far as medical concerns. Her hands-on training over the years endows her with essential skills for administering medications and other basic treatment protocols, ensuring continuity of your veterinarian’s treatment plan for your pet while you are away.

TC’s client communication skills are second to none. She is extremely personable with each person she meets and her follow-up is excellent. TC is known to volunteer to be with clients during their most difficult times to ensure they are comforted and hugged. TC has an amazing ability to remember client and animal names and recall details from previous interactions she had with them.

Among TC’s family members is a very special dog name Praisely.  Around Valentine’s Day in 2018, a friend of TC had been giving away puppies and there were three still searching for forever homes.  Initially faced with a difficult decision as to which puppy would join her family, suddenly the decision was simple when TC noticed one of the puppies, slightly uncoordinated, walking into a tree and into a fence.  There was no question!  TC pointed her finger and said, “that one”! Praisely is now a high energy and playful member of TC’s family that receives all the attention and is loved and spoiled unconditionally. TC also takes care of our 16 year old hospital mascot, a cat named Wilson, assuring his long list of medical needs are met and any concerns are escalated to a veterinarian in a timely fashion.

Family time is very important to TC. She particularly loves to go camping with her family in her spare time. Drawing is another favorite past-time of TC’s.

Speaking of family – TC sincerely empathizes with the concerns about leaving your furry family members, whether it is a planned vacation or an unexpected life’s diversion. You can rest assured that at Page Animal Hospital Boarding Services, TC will treat your beloved pet or pets as an extended member of her own family, with all the comfort and care your pet is accustomed to. It will be their “home away from home”!